Wood Name

Personalized Baby Name Sign for Nursery Decor by Panhandle Mercantile | Custom Cut & Finished | Made of Wood | Customizable Font | Choose from our 90+ Color Options | Up to 54” Wide

Add the finishing touch to your nursery or give a gift that expecting parents will be overjoyed to receive with this personalized, custom made name sign from Panhandle Mercantile. This sign allows you to display your child’s name proudly and put an exciting finishing touch on their room. We use a CNC router along with 1/4″ thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) to provide you with a product of the highest quality, with no scorched, unfinished edges. These signs are made to last for years, giving you a budget-friendly, versatile piece of nursery decor.

Your purchase of this sign includes unlimited customization options to make it truly your own piece, including:

  • Widths ranging from 12″ to 54″ (price depends on width)
  • Over 20 unique fonts
  • Unpainted or painted finish (an upcharge)

To give you a better perspective on sizing, we recommend:

  • 12” wide – Perfect to sit on a desk or shelf
  • 18” wide – Ideal for a small shadow box or display
  • 24” wide – Excellent size for a table display
  • 30” wide – Good size for wall hanging
  • 36” wide – Most popular size
  • 42” wide – Wonderful size for wall hangings in larger rooms
  • 48” wide – Great size for nurseries with a lot of space and for names with a lot of characters (9+)
  • 54” wide – Perfect size for that WOW impression, regardless of the use.

What is the difference between MDF and PLY

  • Medium Density Fiberbord (MDF) is a economical composite that is used frequently in furniture making. It’s smooth, cuts well and is ideal for painting.
  • Baltic Birch Plywood (PLY) is a composite wood that had a thin wood veneer to give more of an appearance of real wood. The wood veneer has a grain, it’s suited for signs that are to be left natural or stained.

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